WORLD OF DEATH (Ep. 70) The Cleansing Hour


WORLD OF DEATH Presents – The Cleansing Hour (Ep. 70)
For those not familiar with it, WORLD OF DEATH (WOD) is a web series featuring short horror films from all over the globe. WOD is  perfect for horror fans who LOVE short films. (see official WOD trailer below)

‘The Cleansing Hour’
2016 |short film | 18:17 

WRITTEN BY: Aaron Horwitz

DIRECTED BY: Damien LeVeck

PRODUCED BY: Shirit Bradley, Damien LeVeck, and Natalie LeVeck

STARRING: Sam Jaeger, Heather Morris, Neil Grayston, Jonny Radtke, Joonho Huh, Wanhi Lee, Danielle Langlois, John Griffin, Walker Mintz, Juliette Larsen, Catherine Marin, Vivian Fabiola, Teala Dunn, Lauren Compton

SYNOPSIS: Father Lance and Drew conduct elaborate faux exorcisms via live stream but things take a turn when their latest venture turns out to be a bit too real. 

Review: Excellent short! Heather Morris (Glee), is incredible and the dynamic between Neil Grayston (Eureka) and Sam Jaeger (Parenthood) is hilarious. The plot itself is simple but entertaining. I’d like to think there is a moral to this story, but that could just be me. Maybe it’s an homage to modern-day social media. The facade people use to gain fame; followers, with little to no appreciation. The followers engage, become enthralled, shut off to their own surroundings; letting the influence dictate their actions in their own lives…… or maybe it’s just  about a girl who really wants her SAG card. 

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