The First Purge – HOW IT ALL BEGAN!


Written by: James DeMonaco
Directed by: Gerard McMurray
Starring: Y’Lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Steve Harris

Here we go again… Another 2 years and another PURGE! If you read our review of The Purge: Election Year  (2016)  then you know that the last movie was also put out 2 years after its predecessor. If you haven’t read that review, I’d suggest checking it out as well.  Could this 2 year span be an intentional choice by the creators, is it coincidental,  or is there just so much action and so many special effects that is took 2 years to complete???  Keep reading and decide for yourself.

A thought to ponder:

Considering that  this is the 4th movie in the franchise and a TV version just hit the small screen, I’d say we still have a whole lot of Purge left to go!

There’s a formula to action and horror films put out by Hollywood and The First Purge is no exception to this. We have our standard Bad guys, Good guys, Anti-heros, Explosions, and some Creepiness thrown in on top.

Was this an Oscar worthy film? Of course not! Did it have Gratuitous Violence, Lots of Blood, and Psychos chasing people around?  ABSOLUTELY! That’s the whole point of watching this movie.

I’d like to say that I really did enjoy this film. While there did seem to be a bit of hidden political propaganda, if you ignore that and watch the movie for the mindless entertainment that it really is, then it’ll be a fun ride!

We’ve seen the the results of The Purge, now we get to see the origins. Without giving too much away I’ll give a brief brake down below.

Over population, Crime, and Unemployment are at an all time high. The government comes up with a way to combat this: Take people out… or rather encourage them to take each other out and  reap the benefits. Of course nothing ever goes as planned so some slight redirections are in order. A little nudge is needed here, a small push over there, and a shot gun to the face everywhere else seems to do the trick!

This is a Purge Movie, plain and simple! Killers run rampant, Property gets destroyed, Small groups fight back while kicking ass, and Others run for for their lives or die where they stand.

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of what’s to come or skip the trailer and simply watch the latest in The Purge line, to enjoy what we’ve already come to expect! If you liked any of The Purge movies, then you’ll love “The First Purge”!

Nightmare News gives “The First Purge” 4 out of 5 Bloody Stars!






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