Tales from Valley View Cemetery by John Brhel and Joseph Sullivan


Tales from Valleyview Cemetery

by John Brhel and Joseph Sullivan

Artwork by Chad Wehrle

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The indie horror scene has yet another stellar anthology to offer. This time, the horror exudes from the quiet town of Lestershire, New York and its grim cemetery, Valleyview, centrally located – both in setting and story.

Tales from Valleyview Cemetery consists of seventeen interconnected stories of the macabre. Each tale is crafted with its own narrative, its own central theme, yet also connects with other tales in the series. While the reader can enjoy each story on its own merit, and in any order, reading the entire collection of tales reveals minute details within each story that give the reader an even greater understanding of the town, its inhabitants, and ultimately, the dreaded cemetery. I am a sucker for continuity in anthology tales, and was pleasantly surprised while reading these stories at seemingly innocuous, “throw away” sentences, only to have those very descriptors called to my attention in further tales.

American gothic horror abounds in this book, with ghosts roaming the night, ghastly voices sounding from a baby’s monitor, cults, and folklore. This book is a must-read for fans of any of the aforementioned topics, as well as other influences, such as the Silent Hill video game series, or the 90’s television series American Gothic.

The authors have crafted seventeen stories of intelligent, moody, and grim horror while connecting the tales with their own rich history. When reading this book, you get the feeling that Valleyview is an actual cemetery in an actual town named Lestershire, and I can only hope to read more from this eerie town.

Tales from Valleyview Cemetery is available now on Amazon.


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