Blades, Machetes & Knives, OH MY!


Horror and Art, two concepts blended beautifully to make a masterpiece!!

I’m always looking for unique decor to add to my horror collection. During my search, I came across Misery Loves Co. A business centered around making cakes but with a twisted side service. 

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 I reached out to the owner of Misery Loves Co. to find out how he started making these rad creations, and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. This guy is a ROCKSTAR!!! 


Misery Loves Co. Interview

NN: Whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with today and what is your position at Misery Loves Co.?

MLC: Aaron Arevalo… “Misery”, “Sin”, or “asshole!” it REALLY depends on who’s addressing me. Im the owner operator, creator, lunatic at the wheel (with no hands on the wheel).

NN: When was Misery Loves Co. created and where are you located? 

MLC: The company was created in April of 2012, in the San Francisco bay area/ east bay Oakland, Ca.

NN: What inspired you get in to this line of business?

MLC: Being recently split from the mother of my kids, I was now faced with splitting time with my kids and work; it was killing me. Work wasn’t going to stand in my way, so I needed to find a way to work from home and be with my kids. I accidentally made cakes.

When I was in a car accident and injured in 2013, it hurt a lot to make cakes. I needed to supplement my cake income and decided to try painting things I liked on machetes to see if anyone would have interest in buying them and it worked, luckily.

NN:  What products and services do you currently offer?

MLC: I currently offer full custom cakes and horror décor art.

NN: What is the most popular item? (Cake style/flavor, horror décor etc.)

MLC: Cakes, anything goes. Although, I’m a fan of the dark twisted stuff. I’m lucky enough to be called on by the guys with Metallica for twisted cakes and edible art.

Horror décor, Id say the machete art and butcher knife art have kept me very busy.

NN: You mentioned you make cakes for Metallica… 1.)How the heck did that happen??? And what went through your mind during the process?? 2.) What’s the most twisted caked you have made for them??

MLC: I have a brother who works in the music industry and mentioned what I do to the Metallica handlers. They looked me up, liked what I did, my twisted name (my friend of Misery is a Metallica song) and asked me to make some things for them.

I’ve made cakes for Metallica Head quarters parties, the guys in the band and their families, and a lot of special projects for Kirk hammett and his FearfestEvil project. It’s been quite the ride. Metallica and their whole crew are some kick ass people. I love when they call, they take really good care of me and I can’t ever thank them enough.

I lost my mind when they first reached out. Metallica is a local band that became the biggest working band in the world! They’ve been kicking ass for over 30 years. I’ve been rocking out to them since I remember begging for my own cassette playing radio as a child. It’s an honor to have hard-working amazing artists ask for my edible art. It’s an overwhelming and humbling experience.

All of the cakes I’ve made for them have been really cool and some of my favorites for sure. The best had to be the full universal monster cake with and edible version of Kirks “too much horror business” book for his book release party. It had Dracula, Frankenstein, the bride of Frankenstein and the mummy. My favorite characters, for my favorite artists. It was like a dream.

Oh! And for the last FearfestEvil Kirk asked for 400 VIP gift bags for his guests. 400 caskets with large chocolate skulls for them. I created them in a couple tiring never-ending days and my refrigerator looked like the Paris catacombs. It was epic.



NN: You allow custom orders, so what has been your most challenging request? (Cake, décor, etc.)

MLC: Cakes – it has to be the giant, grand piano I constructed for a cruise ship entertainers retirement. It had to weigh over 100 lbs.

Horror décor- hmmmmm, any new subject is always a challenge, that’s the best part about horror. I have my favorites that I started creating and people will ask me to create theirs. But probably the full saw blade set of killers I created for a haunted house, it was: Myers, Krueger, Voorhees, Leatherface and Pinhead, on 5 separate saw blades in shadow box displays.

NN: The cakes are wonderful but I’d like to take a minute and talk about your horror decor. More specifically, the weaponry. What made you decide to branch off and do artwork on knives, machetes and blades?

MLC: I was T-boned by a big rig in December of 2013, I was in pain so working on cakes wasn’t easy. I thought maybe people would be interested in things I was interested in: horror and blades. I’d never really painted before and certainly not on machetes and knives, but it worked out. I started Misery loves Co Weaponry/horror décor division.

NN: How long does it usually take you to complete these orders? (Horror Décor).

MLC: Because of my kids and cake schedule, I say to allow 30 days for turn around of art but I treat every piece of art like my own. I HATE waiting for things I buy. So, I want my clients to get my art in their hands ASAP. I say 30 days, its more like a few sleepless nights and a few shipping days. It’s another reason I draw on all shipping boxes I send out. I know personally, I would love to get something in the mail drawn or doodled on by whomever shipped it.

NN: Which of your creations is your favorite (Horror Décor) and why? 

MLC: I REALLY like the English full tang machetes of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Those blades are so fat and brutal looking. Their smile and insane love just shines off of them.

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NN: Do you ship products (horror decor) worldwide? 

MLC: I can and have; however, international shipping is such an expensive nightmare. I have to get shipping quotes for my clients out of country, it helps if they buy multiple pieces of art or with friends so they can cut on the shipping costs.

NN: What is the best way to contact you to place an order for your services (cakes & decor) Phone? Email? Website? 

MLC: The best way is always email:

NN: Lastly, is there anything else you would like the readers to know about you or Misery Loves Co.?

MLC: I love what I do and the reactions I get from my kids and fans of my art. I’m so happy to be able to pay the bills with my art and art that I thoroughly enjoy. The best part of horror décor is I ONLY create what I like and the fans and clients obviously feel like I do. The horror community is the coolest group of people on the planet. I seriously get excited when I see an email requesting a new horror décor request.

Thank you so much!!!

Aaron’s work is remarkable and the best part is he makes it personal. On top of an already stunning piece of art, you will also receive a delightfully customized shipping box.

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And here is what you have been waiting for……

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If the killer weaponry doesn’t tickle your fancy, Aaron offers a “softer” side to his talents!!!

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to contact Misery Loves Co for next horror collection piece!!


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