Quiet With ’The Slender Man’ and Off With ’The Crow’


Ok Sony, it’s on!

I’m kidding. Ramblings of a crazed horror fan never hurt anyone, let alone one of the biggest production houses in the world. I mean, when that leak scandal didn’t hurt ‘em, I honestly doubt anything can. I, however, can diss. No one can stop me. So, let’s begin…

Da hell is wrong with you Sony?! How dare you cause us horror freaks such dismay and nausea?! All jokes aside, I really was trying to grow some love for Sony, and I thought our relationship is on the right track when ‘Venom’ came out, but alas…

So, we are all aware that Sony was set to do a reboot of ‘The Crow’, and movie fans all over the world were looking forward to that. We were waiting SO long, and this was supposed to be epic. It was announced that Corin Hardy was going to direct the movie, and we were thrilled. He earned our respect with his marvelous work on ‘The Hallow’ (2015) and judging by the trailers he’s about to earn some more once ‘The Nun’ hits the movie theaters in September. 1994’s ‘The Crow’ was done by the great Alex Proyas, and his work on it launched him into the stars, and rightfully so. He later somewhat changed his path, and he mostly did science fiction, but he kept it dark and moody, so kudos to him.

Jason Momoa was going to play the role of Eric Draven, The Crow himself, and most of us agreed that he was the right fit. Even his facial features loosely resemble those of the late Brandon Lee who portrayed Draven so marvelously in the first movie. For those sceptics among you who think that Brandon Lee’s death made the movie famous, you should know that the comic book already had an enormous fan base, which lead to the moviemaking. James O’Barr made a cult and you can’t take that away from him. Brandon Lee was iconic as Draven, he had just the right amount of brooding charm, good looks and undisputable talent to guarantee a permanent stardom status for himself. Unfortunately, he died of a gunshot wound on the set of ‘The Crow’ and became a myth and a role model for many generations of young actors. So yes, the burden on Momoa’s shoulders was heavy, but we had faith in him. Aaaand apparently, thanks to Sony, faith is all we can have, since the movie is off. Reasons for the cancelation of the reboot are as wage as expected. It seems that Sony was getting ready to exit as the film’s distributor, which lead Hardy and Momoa to leave too. According to the rumor mill, the cancelation has something to do with creative and financial differences with Samuel Hadida. Hadida is the owner of Davis Films which holds underlying rights for ‘The Crow’, and which was also financing the movie. I’m not quite sure what actually happened, but dammit Sony…

Oh no, no, no. Wait up. I’m not done yet.

‘The Crow’ isn’t all we’ve lost as a result of Sony’s inability to be grounded for a second. Thanks to Sony’s disagreements with the film’s producers (sounds familiar?), now ‘Slender Man’ is stuck too. Apparently, Sony sees the film as a low-budget release, while the producers have more confidence in the movie. They think that the movie deserves a bigger marketing push, and to be shown in more theaters. Since the “ebenezers” at Sony won’t budge, the producers have triggered a clause in their contract that allows them to apply for higher offers… Basically, they are hustling, and so far, they have shown the film to several studios including Netflix and Amazon. It is very rare and unusual for something like this to happen so close to the scheduled release date, and if no one buys it, Sony will release the movie on August 24th. So, the movie will eventually get its release, but judging by what we hear, a much quitter one than it deserves.

‘Slender Man’ is directed by Sylvain White, who dabbled in horror just once before with ‘I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer’(2006). I really don’t know what to expect, but the trailer seems great, and the acting crew seems fresh and promising as well. With names such as Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles and Jaz Sinclair this movie will surely appeal to the younger audience, as well as those older fans of the genre. Slender Man himself is portrayed by Javier Botet, who is quickly cementing his status of a horror icon. He already has some big movies in his opus, ‘Mama’ (2013), ‘The Conjuring 2’ (2016), ‘Alien: Covenant’ (2017) and It (2017) are just some of them. Some might say that his unique physical traits lead him to where he is, but if you watch what he does closely, his performing arts talent becomes undeniable.

Dear Sony, give us a breather. Seriously. If you do, I just might stop dissing you everywhere I go.

( I bet there’s a Sony executive reading this and crying somewhere right now.)


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