Pigs of Horror


At this point, you’re probably wondering if you’ve read that title properly, and yeah, you have. Chris Sun is at it yet again, and we will suffer his ingenious wrath by the end of 2018. I ran into his awesome ‘BOAR’ trailer recently and, after I stopped jumping and yelling like a 4-year-old, it got me thinking… We’ve had wolves, bats, birds, jackals, beavers, and hell man, we even had squirrels as monsters! How about pigs? Prior to this particular trailer, I wasn’t aware of any, so I started going through my old VHS tapes… I’m joking dammit. I started googling like everyone else.

Turns out that Sun’s BOAR is either an homage, or a remake of 1984s ‘Razorback’. We already know that Sun doesn’t have a problem with original approaches and ideas, so I thought that this flick would probably be  worth watching, and I was SO right. This masterpiece with a unique and, considering the time, quite believable monster, was directed by the great Russell Mulachy. As we all know, he went on to direct the ‘Highlander’ series, which became cult classic. He continued dabbling in horror with ‘Tale of the Mummy’ (1998), ‘Resurrection’ (1999), ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ (2007), and more. ‘Razorback’ was left behind, remembered in some circles, but still almost forgotten. Until Chris Sun decided to use his powers for good.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sun’s work, let me enlighten you a bit…

When I say Christopher Lee Sun, most of you will probably know who he was named after, and for those of you who never heard of the late Christopher Lee, stop reading and go bake cookies or something. Anyway, this Australian in-the-making icon of the genre, has already given us some great and critically acclaimed gems. He debuted on the horror scene back in 2010 with ‘Come and Get Me’, about girl’s night out which turns into hell. This premise might sound like something you’ve seen before (and let’s be honest, after Craven’s genre bending work, there isn’t much we haven’t seen.) but Sun still managed to bring it. Kudos to him for delivering some pretty decent kill scenes on a nasty low budget. This fine start, was followed by ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’, which brought Sun awards for Best Feature, Best Director and Best Screenplay, as well as the “Biggest Baddest Mother of the PollyGrind award“, which says a lot. ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ is not your average revenge film. One thing is certain, it will make you question yourself, which horror movies rarely ever do. Sun’s last and very successful effort, was ‘Charlie’s Farm’ back in 2014. Our girl Tara Reid, gives us her best screams, yet again, in this highly entertaining Australian outback horror movie. That being said, I have no idea why everyone instantly thinks ‘American Pie’, when someone mentions Reid. I mean, this chick has been screaming in horror movies since 1987’s  ‘A Return to Salem’s Lot’. She’s ours, teenage comedies lost their claim over her long time ago! Anyway, back to our subject…

Chris Sun’s latest film is a nature horror set in the infamous Aussie outback, where a young family tries to outrun and survive one hungry and enormous wild pig. Judging by the trailer, we will have some horrifically good fun with this one folks. ‘BOAR’ features horror veterans such as Bill Mosley (‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ 2, ‘House of the 1000 Corpses’, ‘Halloween’ 9), Nathan Jones (‘Charlie’s Farm’, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’), John Jarratt (‘Wolf Creek’, ‘100 Bloody Acres’), and more. It is set to be released on October 31st, and in the meantime I strongly advise you to watch the magnificent Razorback, as well as other Sun’s movies. Be a proper horror freak, and keep yourselves fed.

In then end, here’s a partial synopsis to keep you on your toes.

” The giant boar was a myth, a legend brought to life in a drunken pub tale. The thing about myths and legends, they are usually made up of partial truths, and in this case, complete and terrifying truths. Tearing a path of destruction through fencing and livestock, locals haven’t a clue of the chilling death that lurks in the striking Australian outback. ”



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