Patient Seven (2016)


Patient Seven (2016)
1hr 56 mins

Directed & Edited by: Danny Draven 

Starring: Jack Plotnick, Michael Ironside, Drew Fonteiro, featuring segments with Amy Smart and Alfie Allen

Plot: This anthology is centered around Dr. Daniel Marcus, a renowned author and doctor who conducts interviews with patients at the Spring Valley Mental Institution, as part of his research for his upcoming book. 

Disclaimer: I try to keep my reviews spoiler free. In cases like this my reviews are brief and vague because saying too much can spoil it! Enjoy!

The film opens up with a lengthy scene of the hospital (approx. 3 mins) which appears to be like any other hospital or institution. It is well-lit, doctors and nurses scamper about the halls, it’s all business as usual. As the scene progresses, the audience is lead toward the elevator, the doorway to the darker, more contrasting underbelly of the institution. Below the deck, the lack of light, signs of warning, “authorized personnel only”, plague the halls. Cell blocks appear but not with complete abandonment. Signs of a sad, certifiable, lonely existence linger in the shadows.

Dr. Marcus (Michael Ironside) appears with a sense of confidence, almost egotistical, as his achievements are displayed out on the desk. His presence is coupled by the obvious intimidation and admiration of Dr. Paul Victor (Jack Plotnick). This interaction is crucial. It is riddled with constant praise and notions of wanting to help. However, he uses the words ” I only hope I can help,” which seems like a selfless act, but is entirely selfish. Alluding to an attempt to fulfill a desire to be needed, to be important, to be seen or heard. 


“Jack Plotnick’s portrayal of the seemingly feeble Dr. Victor is flawless, right down to the minor expressions and fidgety mannerisms.”

– MorbidMommy, Nightmare News Net

The patients’ stories are expressed in an anthology style format. Ranging from demonic possession, vampires, and zombies to murder and suicide. Dr. Marcus’s interview method is a bit unconventional. Although he is calm and in control, his sadistic nature shines through as he torments, nay provokes the patients. 



Each account is told from the patient’s perspective with little to no closure. Ultimately, Dr. Marcus decides their fate. Are they truly mad, or are they just lying to cover their heinous acts…… 

“…The stories of each patient is so captivating that is was hard to take my eyes off of the screen”

                                  ~Sara S.
                                       Member, Amino Horror


Final Thoughts

I must disagree with most of the unfavorable reviews of this particular anthology. For a low-budget film, production value is solid. The audience is engrossed in an ominous atmosphere without any literal overshadowing; creating an unsettling vibe without blinding the audience.There is strong acting in each segment. Michael Ironside certainly steals the show with his portrayal of the creepy and somewhat ruthless Dr. Marcus, but each character holds their own, especially the acts of Alfie Allen and Amy Smart. Some stories are stronger and more captivating than others, but we get some variety here. There is a constant element from start to finish. The “power” or “god” complex is highly present in Dr. Marcus. It is important to take note of that and the extreme foreshadowing because if you listen and observe small details, you can probably predict the wrap around.

That being said no film is perfect…..

I’d say this one fails to give the audience closure with the patients. Some of the segments fall flat, although the dialogue is solid, the film could have benefited from more detail. The use of CGI in Segment one is irksome. Lets be real, Doug Jones looks amazing in special effects! He wears it well and is truly incredible, but the use of CGI is distracting. It overpowers the amazing practical makeup and the sinister performance by Doug Jones. Despite this, the gore, splatter and effects are decent throughout the film. This film isn’t for everyone. Some will hate it, some will like it and some will just be, meh.  If you are a fan of anthologies or low- budget, indie films, then I recommend giving it a shot. If you are in to mainstream, bells and whistles, jump scares or huge payoffs, you may want to pass. Check the trailer below!!



Hope you enjoyed this review, stay creepy my fiends!


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Bloody Star
2.5 out of 5 Stars


  • Gore/ Splatter
  • Supernatural/ Paranormal
  • Psychological
  • Comedy
  • Action Horror
  • Predictability

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