Jack Goes Home (2016)


Jack Goes Home is a tale of true terror of mental illness, grief, and pure discomfort. Starring Rory Culkin as Jack and Lin Shaye (Insidious) as the disturbed widowed mother Jack Goes Home is an eye opener for any horror fan.

After a fatal car crash claimed the life of his father, Jack returns home to Colorado to nurse his grieving widowed mother back to health. Whilst there Jack begin to experience strange occurrences; his mother does not seem right even though she has just recently lost her husband and an insistent nineteen-year-old neighbor who is constantly trying to seduce Jack into drugs, sex and overall unacceptable behavior keep sniffing around him.

Returning home after moving to LA proves difficult to Jack, the whole ordeal unfathomable. He continues his life as normal going about arrangements for the funeral, hanging out with his childhood rock chick friend Cleo (Britt Robertson) getting stoned and partying all while trying to process the events that took place only 48 hours ago.

Personally, as a horror film, I enjoyed it and quickly found myself rapidly drawn into the plot. I was pleasantly surprised as I have watched so many bad horror movies in my time, not saying that’s a bad thing as I’m a sucker for cheap horror but in all honesty, Jack Goes Home was far from cheap. The whole aesthetic of the film was dripping with atmosphere. The focal point was not jump scares but instead the classic building of tension. The relationship between mother and son was often cold, disconcerting and just bloody painful. Everything about it was just creepy therefore why I loved it!

As an avid Horror fan, I have become very familiar with the problems that horror films these days suffer from. That being the lack of pacing. I know, before you say anything certain films require a certain pace but not all horror films need to be a mishmash of awful overly done special effects, CGI, and other things. For me to enjoy a horror film it needs to be thought-provoking, psychological and Jack Goes Home is just that. The pacing was done very smoothly nothing felt rushed and it just felt right. So when it came to the final reveal the ending was much more enjoyable for having the previous tension build up throughout the film. At the risk of sounding like my mother, good things come to those who wait.

If you are looking for over the top gore then you might want to look elsewhere but first before you go just know that there are a few good gore scenes in the movie which were executed very well. No there are not buckets full of blood but a good amount of blood spray every now then to keep you sickly fiends thirsts sated.

As an indie horror reviewer, many films I have seen rely on the blood spatter, teeth ripping, stomach rupturing putrescence of good old fucking disgusting gore and yes it does entertain. I absolutely love it but sometimes you just want to tame the gore and appreciate something a little different. Admittedly this doesn’t happen often in my house as both myself and the guy I keep hobbled in my bed are lovers of the morbidly obscene but when we do get a chance to entertain ourselves with a slow burn psychological horror we usually enjoy what we see.

So my fellow lovelies the final question has arrived. Is Jack Goes Home worth watching? Uh, hell yes it is!

It’s a little different from the norm but that makes no difference to us hounds of horror as people assume we’re all a bunch of psychopaths anyway! Hehe, but in reality, I totally recommend watching it. The thrills are good, there is plenty of heavy atmosphere, the acting is great the cast line up is great everything about the film just put an inane smile on my horror hungry face! Jack Goes Home should definitely be given more exposure and recognized for its ability to scare.

Just if you do watch it, make sure you keep hold of your wits!


Bloody Star
3.5 out of 5 Stars


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