Is This the End of Horror Block


Sad news for all you Horror Block fans. Rumors are circulating that the popular monthly subscription has filed for bankruptcy and many are left wondering whether they will receive their boxes or refunds. When attempting to visit their site for more information or answers about current subscriptions, users get this image.. (see below)

Horror block, a subdivision of the NERD BLOCK has yet to release an official statement regarding the closure or bankruptcy, in fact they have been radio silent on social media but NERD BLOCK has posted a general announcement via Facebook. 

A Message To Our Nerd Block Audience,

We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication and updates.

Thank you for being patient while we prepare for the future of Nerd Block. You’re going to see some big changes coming very shortly and we appreciate your understanding during this time.

We will be able to provide you with more information in the near future and will hopefully answer many outstanding questions.

Thank You for your continued patience.

  • Nerd Block

Despite the reports, this announcement leads us to believe that Nerd Block is not giving up. However, other sites affiliated with Nerd Block, like SHIRT PUNCH, have also shut down.

Does this mean that Horror Block will be resurrected or is it gone for good? Only time will tell….. 

What are your thoughts? Do you want to see Horror Block make a comeback?


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