Interview with Michael G. Kehoe – Writer Director of The Hatred!


Michael G. Kehoe – Writer Director of The Hatred!

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I recently had an awe inspiring conversation with writer/director Michael G Kehoe, the man responsible for the soon to be released movie, “The Hatred

Due to Hurricane Irma, this article’s publication was delayed by 2 weeks.

The Hatred Blu-ray was released on 9/12 and is currently available to purchase and or view.

While we did talk about his amazing looking new film, it went much further than that. We spoke about how he’s gotten to this point, his past, where he is now, and what the immediate future holds.

After today’s interview, If I were to try and describe Michael Kehoe by saying he’s talented, a world traveler, and a creative force to be reckoned with, I believe it would be a massive understatement of his abilities and only scratching the surface of who he is. To put it plainly… This guy has really been around and definitely knows his stuff!

Born in New York, Brooklyn to be exact, he started out life in a city known for its diversity and for turning out some of the greatest artistic minds in the world. He studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, has had his work featured at Sundance, traveled to Ireland, China, Israel, and to what seems like an endless number of other places. Soon he’ll even be setting out to Iceland for his next big project.

He told me making movies is something he’s wanted to do as far back as his memory will take him. He said he remembers sneaking into the movie theater at 10 years old, sitting there in the dark with the giant screen all lit up and the popcorn in his hand, saying to himself:

“This is what I wanna do!”

Stock photo, not Michael Kehoe

He’s dedicated his life to the craft and when looking at his work you can see that he puts 100% of his heart into every project he does. He very sincerely stated that he would never shoot something that he didn’t believe in. He said that it would show in the work and people would easily tell. He then went on to explain his philosophy about this a bit further.

He asked me if I’d ever heard anyone say, “If you want to be a film maker, then just get out there and shoot… as much as you can, whatever it is. Get the movie made.”?

When I told him that I had and that it was a pretty common thing to hear. He responded by telling me how much he disagreed with it. Truthfully, for a brief instant there, I wasn’t sure what to think. A moment later though, when he put it into prospective it made perfect sense.

He continued with  “Don’t just make a movie for the sake of making it….Would you make a baby just for the sake of making one? No! That baby is yours for life. It’s like that when you make a movie too, it’s your baby. You have to be there for it, to cultivate it and help it grow. It’s yours for life”

To me, that says a lot about his character. It tells me whatever he’s sets his mind to will be something he stands behind. Something he fights for and something he can be proud of. It’s a win-win for everyone. He puts out great movies while loving what he does and we get to enjoy them over and over again.

For his new film “The Hatred” he started out no different then most film makers, by writing the script. He didn’t stop there though. He went a step further. He took that script, picked one terrifying scene, grabbed a small but awesome group of people, and together they turned it into:

The multiple award winning short film “Hush

Image from Hush Twitter Page

When describing the making of “The Hatred” he gives a tremendous amount of credit to everyone involved. He spoke at length about the Cinematographer, John T. Conner and how he brought his [Michael’s] vision to life on screen. He said without him and the rest of the crew the production wouldn’t be anywhere near the level it is. He talked about the cast and how talented every single one of them is. He however, was very humble. He spent a lot of time mentioning numerous cast’s and crew’s names, what they contributed, and how they helped in making “The Hatred”.

As we earlier reported here the Blu-ray will be released on 9/12 and will be packed with extras like a full commentary by the director, behind the scenes, and more! So, even if you were one of the lucky few who got see a pre-screening of the movie, it’ll still be worth it to grab a copy. Not only will this show your support but you’ll get to see all the additions that you didn’t get to before.

Blu-ray Release 9/12
Image from Blu-ray Cover Art

In his next movie “Keflavik” he’ll be shooting in Iceland. When he described it he said here’s a hint… “Think of John Carpenter’s The Thing and Ridley Scott’s Alien.” He wouldn’t give away any more details but that along with the tone in his voice was enough for me to want to buy my ticket for the showing waaay in advance, like now!

“Think of John Carpenter’s The Thing and Ridley Scott’s Alien.”

Image from Keflavik IMDB Page


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