Horror Subscription Boxes


The number of horror related subscription boxes is growing rapidly. I’m going to be reviewing my top three. Giving some pro’s and con’s of each box.

The first box is Box of Dread.


Box of Dread is a $20 horror subscription box. What I like about Box of Dread is that it comes with a good amount of “figures”. Both “Reaction” and “Funko POP’s”. You can also expect a autograph from time to time. Box of Dread also includes posters, stickers, and comics. The only thing I dislike about Box of Dread is the comics. Its not that the comics are bad. I just don’t read a whole lot of comics. But for only $20 you cant go wrong!


The next box is Horror Pack.

horror packHorror Pack is a horror movie subscription box that either includes four DVD’s or four Blu-Ray’s, depending on what you select. You can expect to pay $20 a month on the DVD’s or $25 a month for Blu-Ray’s. Or you can pay $45 a month and get eight randomly selected horror movies! My only con with Horror Pack is that sometimes the film slip cover will be in English and French. Horror Pack is a great monthly box!

My final box is Horror Block.

horror block

Probably the most known box and there’s a good reason for that! Horror Block is $30 a month and includes a T-shirt, Rue Morgue, and a few other items. For me just the shirt and Rue Morgue pay for the box in itself. The other items that are included could be anything from a Funko POP to a plush Jason Voorhees. It really is a great box and worth every penny. My only con with Horror Block is that the items seem more cheaper than when Horror Block first started. But maybe that’s just me? With that being said Horror Block is a great box and will not disappoint!


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