Horror Block: April 2016


Horror Block: April 2016

The theme this month is 28 Days Later, Hellraiser and The Editor and it’s FANTASTIC!! I have to admit, Horror Block really stepped up their game for this one. Lately, their boxes have been quite sad and hardly worth committing to BUT if they keep this up I’ll have to reconsider my cancellation…. maybe, I’m still not thrilled with the shipping timeframe, that IS NOT worth the $10 at all. As for this month’s contents though, it’s fully loaded with pure awesomeness!!!

1.) The delightful RUE MORGUE issue #166

My favorite article is the Coroner’s Report (weird stats & morbid facts). They are completely random and some are intense! I like it.. here’s a sneak peek for ya!

A 40-year old Romanian woman allegedly tore off her husband’s testicles on International Women’s Day after he neglected to buy her flowers or help with the housework.- Monica S. Kuebler, Rue Morgue


2.)  The 28 Days Later T-shirt in RED!! It’s a nice change from the black t-shirts and they also include a 10% off  code for shirt punch.


3.) Salt N Pepa’s here! Ah, push it, push it goo…. Eek, just had a flashback, some of you will get it and you totally rock!! Anyway, Salt and Pepper shakers and no they are not cheap plastic, more ceramic and a bit heavy.


4.) Next up, This kick ass Blu-Ray DVD copy of The Editior bonus material included!!


5.) Cthulhu Patch (which I’ll never use but is GORGEOUS) and a Horror Block Exclusive!


6.) And last but not least, my favorite piece is the lovable Pinhead! It’s not perfectly made, I can see some flaws but I’m happy to add this little guy to my collection.

pinhead loot

Final Thoughts

This box was PHENOMENAL and I am happy with every single item!! I hope they continue to provide quality items like these. I would like to see some original artwork, movie props and coffee mugs as well but for now I don’t have any complaints about this month!! They also included a coupon for Hello Fresh (not pictured),totally random but neat.  I have personally tried hello fresh in the past and it’s worth trying out.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month!!! 

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