Funko Horror Mystery Minis Series 1 Review – Part 2


The long over-due second part to my Funko Horror Mystery Minis Series 1! This time we have a look at the infamous horror trio that is Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

Part One of the review you can find here, which also goes over the general appearances of the style of figures used in this series.

Let’s get into it!

Freddy Krueger – Rarity 2/24

A very familiar face to Horror fans, Freddy’s figure is just as cute as all the rest. His iconic fedora dips low across his face, which is screwed into a hateful growl, creating a menacing yet adorable little Freddy. While his facial expression is good – with a clear view of his gnarled and dirty teeth – I think a smirk of some kind may have fitted our Freddy better. He is an infamous jokester after all. The burnt facial scars are rendered rather well, but can be a little hard to make out, and the colour doesn’t adhere 100% to the movie. We have more of a cheesy pizza look than the pitted pink coloured flesh of Freddy from the first Nightmare on Elms street. While his skin might not be as faithful to the original, the sweater certainly is. Freddy’s red and green Christmas-like sweater is as bright as ever and gives the figure that great pop of colour. Another thing I have to mention is how well his knife fingers have come out in Funko’s boxy hand style. These look both deadly and adorable. 

Jason Voorhees – Rarity 2/24


Jason Voorhees is a must have in any kind of Horror collection. As possibly the most recognisable horror icons, along with the other two in this review, his hockey-masked face makes an unsurprising appearance in this series as well. I love the colour scheme for Jason, and the green from his battered coat really stands out and compliments the other colours on him. The amount of wear and tear on this guy are truly movie faithful. He’s got splatters of questionable substances all over his pants and coat, as well as a generous amount of blood dripping down his trusty machete. The hockey-mask is also incredibly well done. There are few little scratches from his misadventures killing teens, as well as the red marks and black holes. The straps go all the way around his head and are nicely detailed with little buttons. One thing I don’t particularly like about this figure is the slightly weird looking pattern on the back of his head. Whether they’re meant to be hair or skin grooves, they just look a little bit off to me, but not so much that it ruins the entire figure. This is still a great figurine, and who doesn’t love Jason?

Michael Myers – Rarity 2/24


Finishing off our Trademark Trio, we have Michael Myers, who’s blank and emotionless face still manages to make you go ‘Awww!’ Funko has really nailed the cuteness factor with these ones. The best part about the Mikey figure is definitely how they’ve done the infamous William Shatner mask. They’ve simplified it down to its simplest form – because let’s face it, a highly detailed Michael Myer’s mask would be completely horrific on this loveable little guy – and yet have still managed to make it instantly recognisable. The hair looks great, and the tiny rips and tears at the bottom of the mask have to be my favourite detail. Michael is splattered with blood, on his face, clothes and knife which he holds clamped in his blocky hands. The rest of his body is fairly simple, having a few small details from his blue jumpsuit, but overall he’s a very appealing figure who is a must have.


For the price, $12.00 AUD ($8.80 USD), I think these figures are worth the money. If you were to collect all 12 figures, you would be looking at paying around $144 AUD ($106 USD), which is something you would have to consider before going out to purchase them. Be warned that because of the fact that they are mystery boxes, you could end up purchasing doubles, which would bring up your total.

Part 2 is a wrap! In Part 3, I’ll be looking at the Sam, Chucky and Billy figures. Until next time!


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