‘Feral’, Yet Another Zombie Movie


To be perfectly honest, I’m a huge fan of the new wave of zombie movies that’s been hitting the theaters these past few years. I know most of you are probably rolling their eyes right now, but what can I say? If you love horror as much as I do, at some point you just become an average trash can I guess…Anyway, either I’ve watched too many zombie flicks, or this one is just another piece of mildly entertaining gibberish I’ve seen times and times before. Whichever the case may be, I’ve just irrevocably lost an hour and a half of my life.

I stated up there that I consider ‘Feral’ to be a, yet another, zombie movie, but the fact that the idea behind the movie maybe isn’t a zombie-idea after all, hasn’t escaped me. In fact, the virus in the movie is apparently started by a wild animal, and we don’t see the Ferals eating brains, or moving slowly and aimlessly, so… Ferals aren’t zombies? Well actually, Ferals are zombies, to an extent. Once the virus kills its host, it mutates and reanimates it, so the host becomes Feral. Omg, I know. I’m tired too. Let’s move on…

This movie follows a group of students (o c’mon), who gets lost and camp out in the woods (o c’mon!) and have to fight for their lives as they get attacked by some unknown creatures (O C’MON!). Yeah, I know, the plot is really refreshing. Sarcastic jokes aside, this movie has all the usual elements of one entertaining, popcorn-munching, jumpy horror flick. There’s a proper, sweet, curly-haired guy who dies first (while peeing), and his sweet, blond, dumb girlfriend who goes out alone to look for him and gets injured (and infected). There’s a hot dude, who dies like the person least surprised to be killed by a monster in the cinematic history, and his girlfriend who survives longer by latching onto other more important characters. There’s a strong chick who sticks it till the end but loses her female lover in the last sequences of the movie.

This movie also features a tragic background story, a creepy old dude and his cellar, cuffs, hot people, one proposal, childhood memories, complicated relationships, dead rabbits (what is up with that?!), “twilightish” tree camera shots, intestines and one rusty bear trap. This movie doesn’t feature people with common sense, fat zombies, live animals, deaths from old age, phone signals and civilization.

However, ‘Feral’ isn’t all bad. Kudos to the camera crew. I’m thrilled with their work on this one. They gave their best right from the beginning and all the way to the barely watchable, yawn-worthy ending, but that’s not the camera crew’s fault. There are some fantastic, weird angles of our boys and girls going into the woods, and some terrific shots inside the creepy dude’s house. It would be a sin not to mention their effort to make this movie actually worthwhile.

The gory part of the movie is also very well done. If you are a fan of bloody splatters and internal organs flying in the air, this movie is your jar of whiskey. The killings are mostly on the verge of overdone, but they manage to walk that fine line between the gory kind and “I-just-threw-up-in-my-mouth” kind. I wouldn’t call this one a masterpiece of gore, but if you’re into it, ‘Feral’ is worth watching. I, however, like ‘em more creepy and spine-chilling, so this one really doesn’t do anything for me.

‘Feral’ is directed by Mark H. Young, who also co-wrote the script with Adan Frazier. Young isn’t a novice in our genre. He did ‘Tooth and Nail’ and ‘Southern Gothic’ back in 2007, and although I can’t say anything favorable about the latter, I strongly recommend ‘Tooth and Nail.’ ‘Feral’ also features some familiar names, such as Scout Taylor-Compton (‘Halloween’, ‘The Runaways’), Olivia Luccardi (‘It Follows’, ‘Chanel Zero’) and Lew Temple (‘Devil’s Rejects’, ‘31’), so that is another plus. The overall acting was good, but the script was so cheesy that there was only so much that the actors could do. I still can’t get over the fact that one of the guys saw a veiny, toothy, eye-bulging, corps-like monster and said:” What da f..k?”. I mean, seriously Young, what da f..k?

In the end, I have to say I expected a lot more from this one, but I feel like I already saw it a hundred times before.

Bloody Star
2.5 out of 5 Stars



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