Down by Kontact – An Homage to Classic Horror


Feeling nostalgic? If you are like me, you often think of the good ol days; a time before the internet took over. Ironic I know,  as I am typing this up to be published online…… the times have changed but luckily we get gems like this to take us back, and remember the good times. See what Matthew Myers has to say about his 90s style, graphic novel, Down by Kontact.



My name is Matthew Myers, I am a writer for, and  For years I have been writing screenplays, and now I am turning one into a graphic novel.

*Down by Kontact *was a horror film script I wrote inspired by George Romero’s *Night of the Living Dead*, and the Pre Code horror films which made me fall in love with the genre as a kid.

I developed characters that would fit into a unique, chaotic period piece that revolved around a zombie attack. With an underlining meaning, and an unsettling subplot, this story takes you on a dark ride.

*Down by Kontact* revolves around four inebriated friends that are on their way to compete in a competition at their local arcade in 1996. The soon find themselves trapped in a nightmare, and struggling to survive while they try to protect a young girl.

Dixie Filloy is illustrating this graphic novel. She is the daughter of Arthur Filloy, animator of Ren & Stimpy, and was the perfect choice for this project because of her talent, love of horror, and desire to see
this story come to life.


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*Down by Kontact *is methodical, creepy, and most of all different from other zombie stories out there, it’s a modern homage to classic horror!


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Link to Youtube video (created by Arthur Filloy for us) that is featured in
the campaign.

Our website where we will be independently distributing the graphic novel


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