Complete Darkness Novel Arrives Oct. 25!


The best way I can describe “Complete Darkness”, is that it’s like a slow burn, cyberpunk, inter-dimensional acid trip… or possibly what the Television show Twin Peaks would be like if Johnny Mnemonic moved to town.The main character Cleric20, accompanied by his Godbot Droid GiX, battles Satan himself for the very survival of all creation. With some Flashbacks, Flash Forwards, a bit of Sex, and a lot of action, Complete Darkness spans the gambit. It offers up a crazy ride into multiple dimensions, Space, and even different points in history.

If you’d like to grab a copy yourself to see what all the fuse is about, you can order one from: or & in the US:

Or you can attend the launch event, which looks to be a blast!

Complete Darkness Book Launch Event Info Below:

Complete Darkness Book Launch

When: Fri 25th Oct 2019
Where: The Parcel Yard Pub, Kings Cross Station, London N1C 4AH
Nearest Station: King’s Cross St. Pancras

Times: 19:00 – 21:00
Admission: £10

About the event

Join Matt Adcock at the launch of his debut novel ‘Complete Darkness’ as he offers the opportunity to explore questions around our understanding of Hell, a key theme in his book.

Speakers include a vicar, a satanist and others – plus video input from a range of those such as church leaders who deal with people’s questions about the afterlife every day.

Refreshments (wine / beer / soft drinks and freshly cooked chips) included and Matt will be signing copies of his novel, tickets also include a copy of novel and limited edition merchandise…

Official Link:


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