Clown (2014)


2014 | R | 1hr 40mins

“The Kids Aren’t Alright”




Plot:  No clown? No problem. Dad will do it with the help of
an old clown costume he discovered at one of his listings.
But what happens when he can’t get the costume off and
develops a hunger for children…..Can he overpower the
evil within?

Director:  Jon Watts

Starring:  Eli Roth, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare, Andy Powers


My Review:
A new take on an old idea!! There are so many “killer clown” movies out there but this one definitely sets itself apart from the rest. Watching a man slowly become a demonic clown is interesting. It keeps you guessing as to whether he is transforming and losing his identity or if he is simply possessed and has a chance of surviving the horrific ordeal. It starts off pretty simple. Jack needs a clown for his birthday because the Party Emporium double books the clown by accident. Jack’s dad, Kent, happens to find an old clown suit at one of his listings and decides to “borrow it” so his son can have an amazing birthday. But the next morning Kent can’t get the clown costume off. WHY WOULD YOU SLEEP IN A CLOWN COSTUME??? Despite his best efforts, including sawing off the costume, it won’t budge.

clown double

The film proceeds as he tries to get more information on the clown suit but it only leads to disappointment. He develops a thirst for children and he tries to fight it by attempting to take his own life, but the hunger prevails.


His wife, Meg, tries to help him but soon realizes that he is too dangerous and she may have lost him for good. He transforms into a darker, demonic being and tries to hunt down his own son, Jack.


At this point, it appears that there is no hope for poor Kent. He is now a full blown clown with just the blood of  children on his mind.

Will Meg and Jack save him or will they have to put an end to the demon for good??

clown4“ Clown began as a movie trailer made by aspiring horror auteur Jon Watts. When Hostel director Eli Roth saw this cheeky bit of calling card, he got on board to help Watts spin his twisted trailer into a full on feature length film. Kristy Puchko (CinemaBlend)”



Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this film to others. The clown makeup is realistic and scary (no obvious CGI crap),  there is great lighting, and a thrilling storyline. I wouldn’t classify this a “scary” unless you are terrified of clowns  but worth a watch!!


Clown Trailer:


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