Child’s Play 3 (1991)


Child’s Play 3

1991 |R | 1 Hr 30 mins

who’s Stalking”

Director: Jack Bender

Stars:  Justin WhalinPerrey ReevesJeremy Sylvers

Plot:  Chucky returns after 8 years to hunt down Andy, now a teenager attending Kent Military School.

My Review:  

Although it was released in 1991, only 9 months after Child’s Play 2, it takes place is 1998 when Andy is a teenager and attending the Kent Military School.  An acceptable way to “freshen up” the Chucky image and avoid being mundane.

This was the first film in the series to use computers to aid in Chucky’s puppetry – in order to perfect the lip-syncing. –IMDB

Andy is still traumatized by the events eight years ago and bounced between fosters homes, finally landing at the Kent Military School. After a brief meeting with the Colonel, Andy is sent for a haircut where he meets a young doe eyed kid, Tyler, and a Barber who is uncomfortably passionate about haircuts.


Chucky arrives at Kent, via snail mail and Tyler is tasked with delivering the over-sized package to Andy. However, Tyler decides to sneak off and open it once he realizes it’s a good guy doll.  Chucky introduces himself to the young, naive Tyler and this moment is a game changer! Chucky has been reborn in to a completely new doll and hasn’t revealed his true intentions to anyone. Andy is no longer needed, instead Chucky sets his sights on Tyler. This allows Andy to break free from being the victim and transition to the role of protector.

chucky-3-2 1381448898_2

Andy also gets the opportunity to interact with more people his own age. His bunk mate, Whitehurst, formally introduces him to De Silva, at the shooting range. We see that De Silva is quite the marks-woman, but Andy, not so much.  No matter, it’s the perfect opportunity for the beautiful coed to come to his aide. Nicely played Andy, you sly dog. As she gets close and whispers in his ear, Andy is clearly distracted and nervous, resulting in a shot way off target. I guess hormones and a nervous trigger aren’t a great combo. Smooth move ace!

Childs Play 3 DeSilva tmb_1745_480

Andy and Chucky have their first encounter in his room approximately 38 minutes in to the film. – MorbidMommyNNN

The locations throughout the film match the tone of events. The first few deaths appear accidental as to not cause chaos in an environment where there is order and routine. However, Andy immediately suspects Chucky is behind it all. As the movie progresses the deaths become less inconspicuous. Chucky sabotages the war games by substituting paint ball rounds with live rounds, resulting in real casualties. The cadets spiral in to a panic, allowing Chucky to escape and follow Tyler to a local carnival.  Andy and De Silva are close behind….will they save Tyler or will Chucky finally get his soul in to a new body??

Childs_Play_3_6752745 Childs-play-3-chucky

Final Thoughts

Unlike Child’s Play and Child’s Play 2, there is A LOT going on in this film. Speeding up the timeline really opened up some options with Andy and the story-line. I’ve heard this particular film isn’t Don Mancini’s favorite, and he felt ” he was out of ideas after Child’s Play 2..” BUT I think he did a great job with this one. Chucky was given a “reboot”, making way for a new victim, and allowing Andy to grow and overcome his fears. The military school is a place with authoritative figures and a wide selection of weapons which is pretty much a dream come true for Chucky. The kills are creative!! My particular favorite (SPOILER ALERT!!!) is the death of the barber. The “Sweeney Todd” style of his death has a sense of poetic justice. I also like the fact that Andy gets to interact with WAY more people in this film and create potentially long lasting relationships. I wish they were able to incorporate Don Mancini’s “army of Chuckies” but budget constraints made it impossible. Who knows, maybe we will see it in the future!!!

The box office disappointment of this movie (it made only $20.5 million on a $13 million budget) is the reason why there was not another Chucky movie for seven years, until Bride of Chucky (1998).-IMDB

Thanks for reading, see you next time!!!!

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