British Horror VS American Horror – Part 3



I’m assuming you’re an avid visitor to this glorious website, and you know all about our ongoing discussion concerning the success of both British and American horror. If not, do your homework while we wrap up this battle of the Titans.

My cousin was reading these recently, and she came to a conclusion that the British section is bigger in the written word article, and American is bigger in horror film article. I’m not sure about that one, but it can be used as a starting point for this final chat. Since it’s kind of a tie right now, let’s make it more interesting and bring in one more variable, which might help us reach the proper judgment. TV shows. We will focus on those recent ones, which we are all familiar with.

So, Brits had some pretty good, but sadly, short-lived series. ‘Dead Set’ back in 2008 was great, and I have no clue what happened there. It was one of the most original ideas at that time, and in my humble opinion, it should’ve lasted for at least couple of seasons. I mean, Big Brother House as a shelter from the undead?! That was supposed to be destined for stardom, but alas… ‘Crazy Heads’ was terrific, one of my personal favs. It was created back in 2016 by Howard Overman, the dude who made Misfits, so of course, it was pumped up with some delectable black humor. Sure, it was planned as a mini-series, but I think it could have lasted if they tried.

One of the greatest horror TV series, in general, is most certainly Dominic Mitchell’s masterpiece, ‘In the flesh’. This drama series dealt with the zombie apocalypse in a pretty unique way, and the show itself was awarded and praised by the critics. I strongly recommend this one to those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

‘Being Human’ lasted the longest. It was a great blend of various genres, with some memorable characters and quite an original story as well. This one is the one you’ve most likely seen, as it was also remade for North America and Canada. This segment sums up the British portion of horror TV shows. It wasn’t a lengthy ride, I’ll give you that, but at least it was an authentic one.

Uhhhh, where to start?… Americans are very diligent when it comes to TV shows of all genres, and horror is no exception. Back in 2005 Eric Kripke’s ‘Supernatural’ aired for the first time, and thirteen years later we’re still hungry for more. Our favorite hunters are still out and about without any signs of slowing down.

I also very much doubt that Kirkman, Moore, and Adlard had any idea of the amount of frenzy their comic book series ‘The Walking Dead’ would start, but seven years later, their heroes are still killing zombies on our flat screens. Dammit Grimes, sit down and have a cup of coffee for crying out loud!

We are also still eager for more ‘American Horror Story’. What started as a great TV show back in 2011, quickly deviated into a spectacle, which we are inexplicably still hungry for.

Raimi still keeps assaulting us from his Evil Dead Universe, and we keep loving it. I mean, ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ is horror-comedy combo at its finest.

‘Stranger Things’ is just one promising nostalgic horror ‘tour de force’, and we are all chanting for more.

I’ll also add some that ended a while ago. I still can’t get over ‘True Blood’, because characters that well-developed are rarely found in horror. On the other hand, I got over ‘The Vampire Diaries’ easily, for the sole reason that they dragged it forever. ‘Bates Motel’ was a show with such a lousy premise, that to this day I can’t explain why it worked so well. In the end, I’ll mention ‘Hannibal’, which was also weirdly good, considering that we thought we already knew everything there was to know about the guy.

That about sums it up. We can be polite and pretend we don’t see who the winner is, but I’m a horror fan. I never claimed I was a polite horror fan, so…Congrats America. You earned it. I don’t know much about statistics, and maybe there is more horror content per person in Britain, but like I said. I’m just a simple horror fan and I base my conclusions on what I see.

Honorable Mentions

Aaaaand my honorable mention section goes to (insert sinister drumming here) – Hemlock Grove. Yup, Eli Roth gave his best in this one. If you haven’t seen it yet, go binge watch now, cause you’re missing out on some bloody good fun. Roth is well-known in our (horror) world, as a dude who gives some intellectual depth to gore, and this show is no exception, so expect some brainstorming. It also features the latest Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard, in a bit different edition.


*                              *                                   *

Up until recently, I would fight you about ‘Penny Dreadful’ being British. I was SO convinced it was, but nope. It was made as a result of the ingenious cooperation between Brits and Americans. Maybe that says a lot. Maybe we are best when we join forces and embrace the genre with all its twisted delights. Whatever your conclusions may be at this point, I hope they will lead you to go watch one more horror movie or read one more horror book. Whether it’s British or American, bears no significance. What’s important is the genre itself.


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