Author World of Horror

I'm quite an average horror fan. I'm a college writer and film junkie from Los Angeles with a taste for all things horror. I have high aspirations of becoming a film director and some day watch my own horror stories come to life on the big screen. I admire some of the genres finest directors and writers, such as Guillermo Del Toro, Stephen King, and Wes Craven. I believe horror is a wonderful genre & form of art, not only is it pleasantly amusing to watch on film but it is also a very creative and flexible genre to work with. There's no better way to express our inner darkness than to limn it as a vicious monster through any form of art. Just as Norman Bates once said " We all go a little mad sometimes." I believe we're all slightly deranged in some ways so why not let it out once in a while.. I'm sure you'll be just fine! For contact or updates on my work, find me on Instagram as 'J.ztr' or on the app Horror Amino as World Of Horror.