3 From Hell – The Final Installment For The Firefly Family


The Final Installment For The Firefly Family

In these last couple of years, whenever I hear the word “sequel”, I sort of …cringe. I mean, let’s be honest, we’ve had more unnecessary, stinking sequels in our genre than in any other film-genre out there. Sometimes I wonder if those directors who make true masterpieces at one point, just go mad due to the sudden success, and decide to ruin their own work. So, when you hear a trilogy has reached its final installment, it’s a cause for celebration, because someone out there decided not to drag a story till it becomes monotonous and boooooriiiiing. What I’m trying to say is, kudos to you Rob Zombie.

Whether you like Zombie or not, you gotta give it to him, that dude knows his gore and shock-exploitation. If you’re into the whole graphic violence, torture and blood scene, it doesn’t get much better than Rob Zombie. He started off as the founder and leader of a great heavy metal band called White Zombie, which he disbanded after four very successful studio albums. His first solo work was a duet song with Alice Cooper, called “Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn)”, followed by his first solo album called ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’… Noticing a pattern there? Horror. Even through his music, it was clear that he was destined for horror genre stardom. He went on to make more awesome music, and direct movies such as ‘Halloween’ (2007), ‘Werewolf Women of the SS’ (2007), ‘The Lords of Salem’ (2013), ‘31’ (2016), and a few more. Unlike some of his colleagues who decided to go mainstream, or sell out at the first glimpse of the money, Rob Zombie remained faithful to horror genre to this day.

To those of you who freaked out a moment ago because I haven’t mentioned Zombie’s best movies, chillax. I’m getting there. In 2000, right after the release of his remix ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’ album, Rob Zombie decided it was about time for him to enter the black door of horror film history, with his directorial debut ‘House of 1000 Corpses’. For those of you who haven’t watched the movie, and might think I’m exaggerating when I say it is not for everyone, let me school you… This movie was bought by Universal, so it was mostly filmed in its backlots, but I guess bigshots weren’t really aware of what was going on. Zombie’s final product featured so much vivid, bloody violence, and heavy, controversial scenes involving masturbation and necrophilia, that Universal shelved it, because of the fear of the NC-17 (adults only) rating. Luckily for us, Lions Gate later bought the rights to the movie, and it finally raised the hair of its first viewers in 2003.

‘House of 1000 Corpses’ was shot on a budget of $7 million, and it grossed nearly $17 million, which prompted Lions Gate to approach Zombie about a possible sequel. Rob Zombie already had some ideas, so shortly after, in 2005 we had a new work of outstanding film artistry, ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. This gory gem of horror sequels has a certain western film feeling to it, and more evolved scenes of violence, as well as more developed characters. Dubbed by many as the sequel which surpassed its predecessor, ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ manages to shine on its own, and some horror fans out there think of it as a stand-alone movie. I, however, listen to what Rob Zombie has to say, and he says he is currently directing the last part of this epic trilogy. I know, WHOA! Surprises are still possible after hundreds and hundreds of watched horror movies. Thank you, Rob Zombie.

First two movies follow the adventures of the Firefly family. Sounds delightful, right? Think again. The Firefly’s were a family of violent psychopaths who tortured, mutilated and killed over 75 people. In the first movie we get to see them do what they do best to few clueless teenagers, while in the second movie things complicate for them and the three remaining members are on the run from the police. In the end, they die in a shower of bullets while speeding towards a police barricade, which weirdly, made this shockingly bloody and brutal film kind of …sad? I don’t know. I had so many mixed emotions at the end of this one, like I had hit puberty again or something.

Anyway, Zombie and his crew are very secretive about this final movie, which was apparently wrapped just few days ago. So far, we know it will be called “3 from Hell”, which brings me to think, those three cheerful personas will probably come back from the dead. It means we’ll get to once again witness the acting mastery of great Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, and my personal favorite, legendary Bill Moseley. They are the main antagonists of this trilogy, so their appearance is a sure thing. Other reports say that Danny Trejo is back as Rondo and that it also features some other familiar names, such as Dee Wallace (‘E.T.’, ‘The Howling’, ‘Cujo’), Dot-Marie Jones (‘American Horror Story’), Tom Papa (‘El Superbeasto’), and more. Judging by this great crew, we are in for a treat my fellow weirdos.

There is no release date set for ‘3 from Hell’, but hopefully we will be getting some more good news in the next few months. With the production being wrapped, we should be having fresh Firefly adventures to scream about by the end of this year. In the meantime, you can refresh your memory and watch ‘House’ and ‘The Rejects’ one more time, like every proper horror fan should do at this point.


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