Welcome to Deadsville


Welcome to Deadsville

Horror Anthology by Dale Elster and T. D. Trask

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Deadsville is a horror anthology several years in the making. Indie authors and longtime friends, Dale Elster and T. D. Trask have jointly woven 13 tales of terror in a localized setting – something of which this author is particularly fond.

Deadsville is a collection of thirteen short horror stories, all located in the fictional town of Rock Creek, in the state of New York. Its inspirations are drawn from both of the authors’ love of 80’s anthology books, movies, and television series, and their appreciation for said style is apparent when reading the stories contained in the book.

Many genres and styles of horror are represented in the various stories – from revenge plots to zombies; from ancient evils to a light-hearted, albeit dark comedy – this book is an excellent read. The localized horror of the stories, with their continual reference to the town of Rock Creek give each story a sense of connectivity, while each one being its own tale. The great way in which Elster and Trask have crafted their tales is that the reader can read any story out of order, and still enjoy the entire book.

Reading this book, I actually felt a sense of having visited the  town of Rock Creek – despite it being a fictional place. There is a feel of a modern, yet gothic Americana aesthetic to the overall mood of the book, as its pacing undulates accordingly – from dire to dread, morose to funny, each tale is original and never feels rushed.

Of considerable note is the fact that the authors, Mr. Elster and Mr. Trask are independent authors, and through their collaboration, decided to release their book on their own. Anthology horror has fallen from the mainstream consciousness, yet continues unabated in the underground and independent scene, and Deadsville is a worthy addition to your collection. You can purchase Deadsville on amazon.com.

If you would like to hear the authors’ own words on the book, you can listen to their interview on The Night Keep Podcast


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