Phantasmagoria “Wickedest Tales of All”


Generally, Phantasmagoria seems to stick with larger venues and cities, places like Orlando FL, Baltimore MD, and Atlanta GA. Tonight however they held a special “one night only” show, in the small college town of Deland Florida, at the historic Athens Theater. The Athens, built in 1921 is said to be one of the few existing examples of a classic American theatre, which perfectly sets the atmosphere for  Phantasmagoria’s “Wickedest Tales of All”!

If someone were to ask me how I would describe this macabre Steam Punk group, the best explanation I could give about them, would be that they remind me of a cross between Anne Rice’s Théâtre des Vampires (as described in the book, Interview with the Vampire, not the movie) and a more Gothic version of Repo the Genetic Opera. Needless to say, tonight’s show was a sold out house and was a lot of fun to see live, up close, and personal!

If I were to write that it was a good performance, I would be making a vast understatement. They were spectacular to state the least. Between the ghoulish onstage story telling, the dark 19th century style wardrobe, the eerily wonderful choreographed dancing, and the overall Nightmarish captivation that the troupe seemed to hold over the audience, I could and would go back to see them again and again.

The action that starts out onstage, quickly moves the show throughout the theater to really draw the audience into the story. Re-telling tales of old folklore, Edgar Allen Poe, and other dark works from a bygone era, their way of bringing the show to the people makes for a darkly delightful experience.

Although this kind of show or style of performance rather, may have once been common place in a time before Movies, Television, and the Internet, nowadays it’s a very rare thing. To find a good performance would be even rarer and to find a great one, to put it plainly…. you’ll have to go see Phantasmagoria!


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