IBleedIndie.com Horror VoD Channel – an Interview with Owner, Johnny Macabre



I make it a point to spotlight indie people when and where I can. Indie creators are the innovators for what tomorrow’s mainstream consumes. Charles Band, John Carpenter, Lloyd Kaufman, Herschell Gordon Lewis (RIP) – these names are easily recognizable now, but they also are indie filmmakers. Not content to let the bigger studios and naysayers dictate their visions, indie filmmakers – and even other content creators – set out to create their art, despite budgetary constraints.

We know this, and if there some who do not, now you do. Regardless, there are always roadblocks that are seemingly put in place to keep indie filmmakers out of the spotlight. With the accelerated growth of VoD and guerilla filmmaking tactics, new avenues for distribution are becoming more readily available for filmmakers.

I recently had the pleasure of befriending Johnny Macabre from The Blood-Shed and got some answers on his new platform for indie horror filmmakers. The following is that interview:




For those who may not know, who are you, and what is it you do?

My name is Johnny Macabre. What I do is horror. I produce, act, do sfx, and screenwrite, I write horror comics, I own and write for horror news site theblood-shed.com, and now I am getting into distribution with ppv website ibleedindie.com.


How long have you been a fan of horror?

Since i watched the original Halloween as a teenager.


What started your passion for indie films and indie filmmaking?

The realization that all of the truly creative works come from indie. Big studios just do cookie cutter films guaranteed to make a profit. We’ve been seeing ghosts and demons non stop for over a decade now, ever since the original Paranormal Activity made it big. But indie film makers aren’t doing it for a quick buck. They are doing it for the passion. The kid running around with the rental camcorder today is the John Carpenter or Wes Craven of tomorrow.


So tell me (us) about The Blood-Shed.

Theblood-shed.com is a horror news website specializing in indie horror. We are branching out into various other areas like film production, comic publishing, and now VOD.


Interviews, Reviews, Editorials, dude, it’s like meeting a really great friend that I never knew I had! How long has TBS been around?

About 3 years total, 2 under my ownership.


Have you always been leaning towards the Indie Scene?

Not really. It wasn’t until a couple of years back that I saw a few amazing indie horror films and thought it was such a crime that they flew under the radar while some tripe made millions in theatres.


So now, we arrive at your newest venture: I Bleed Indie. Tell us about it.

IBleedIndie.com is an upcoming ppv site for indie horror films. It is currently being built. The intent is to give filmmakers who do self distribution a VOD outlet other than a personal vimeo or youtube account. We also look at indie horror films that do have distribution, but self-distributors are the main focus. Most of the films we have obtained access to are made for less than $100k


I know the thought has crossed the minds of many of our friends reading this: what about Netflix and Hulu? What do you offer that they do not?

We are different in several ways. The site is built from the ground up to most benefit the film makers. Every angle has been covered. For one, the filmmakers receive 90% of revenue. No other streaming service comes close. To maximize this potential for each film maker, the site is rental based rather than subscription. This way, revenue for each rental goes directly to that film maker.

Rentals are priced low with the idea being that the low prices will draw large audiences with low risk. Feature films are only $2 rentals for 72 hour periods! That’s a laughable amount! Even if you end up hating the movie, are you going to miss $2? I doubt it.

We also carry short films, which very few other streaming sites do. 50 cent rentals for shorts. This is a great opportunity because short films are usually written off completely because they are very difficult to make money on. Usually people just make them to build a portfolio before moving on to features. But we are giving them a chance to make some money back on their investment.

One of the biggest reasons people self distribute instead of looking at bigger companies is because they don’t want to lose control of their films. We understand that. So our agreements are non-exclusive, at-will, and do not require the rights being transferred to us. We just have permission to show them. This means the filmmakers can still put the film up elsewhere, can request the film be taken off the site and we will comply within 24 hours, and maintain full control over their work. No other VOD service offers these rights to film makers.  


When does this service become available?

The site launches on Halloween


Where can people find you? Or maybe a better question: Where would you like people to look for you?

The quickest way to reach me is the contact form on theblood-shed.com.


There you go, aspiring filmmakers. You may be tired of hearing [reading]“just get a camera and go shoot your film”, but there is truth to that. Now, more than ever, anyone can make a film. When you do make it, you have options available for distribution, such as is offered by The Blood-Shed.


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