Horror Block – March 2016


Horror Block – March 2016 Review


The theme is zombies and The Ring. It seems the zombies have dominated this block, the only item from” The Ring” is a t-shirt.



Item #1: Rue Morgue #165

Designed with the collector in mind! Durable, glossy pages with content that covers the latest and greatest in the horror culture. See upcoming projects, events, interviews and much, much more!!!!



Item # 2 & 3: Zombie Oven Mitt & “The Ring” t-shirt

(Horror Block Exclusive)

**Note: order a size up for the t -shirts because they are a bit snug and 100% cotton. THEY WILL SHRINK!!**


Item #4: Zombie Door Stop

(Horror Block Exclusive)

What better way to keep the zombies away, then with this zombie door stop. Fully functional and works on all floors!!!

zombiedoorstop zombiedoorstopside










Item #5: Zombie Hunter Dog Tags (Bonus)


Item #6: Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

(Horror Block Exclusive)


Item #7: The Walking Dead figure


Item #8: Zombie Squeeze

The stress reliever that entertains!!!! Simply squeeze this little fella and watch his brains/guts come to the surface. Fun for all ages!!


Final Thoughts

For the most part I enjoyed these items. I like zombies, I don’t love them, so I do wish there were some more items from “The Ring”. I have to give horror block some credit for including items that you can use, but realistically I don’t see myself using them. My favorite item is the t-shirt and my least favorite is the ” walking dead” figure. It’s really tiny and you can easily lose it. All in all, I think it’s a great way to add random horror items to your collection.

Is it worth it??

The monthly subscription is $20+shipping. The t-shirt and magazine make up for most of the value. T-shirts cost about $10-$15 and Rue Morgue is about $10 per issue. So, yes, it’s worth trying. I wasn’t thrilled with this one but I’m going to continue my subscription, in hopes of improvement. My only complaint is with the shipping, it took FOREVER and I feel their customer service department isn’t up to par.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month!!!

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