Horror Block: Grab Block


Horror Block: Grab Block

You may not know this, but Horror Block has a “grab block” feature. When you subscribe, you have the option to purchase a grab block for only $10!! FYI, shipping is separate, so expect to pay another $10 with a total cost of $20. You only save about $10 off compared to the monthly subscription.

What the heck is in a grab block?!?!?

It’s totally random!!! Seriously, they grab left over items from previous months and throw them in the box. Good news is, if you missed any previous blocks, it’s the best way to get your hands on past items. Bad news is, YOU CAN GET DUPLICATE ITEMS. What, are you for real??? YES, dead serious…. they don’t check to see if you have received any of the items in the past. Total Drag!! And yes, it just happened to me. I received an item from last month’s block, which I find pretty lame. I don’t need two sets of dog tags, really, total fail.

Any-who…. ON TO THE GOODS!!

1.) First up, The Hoff bobble head. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about this one. Sharknado is a guilty pleasure of mine AND IT’S THE HOFF!! He will be residing on my desk from here on out. There is a short bio on the box and of course he has his “Hoff Saw 3000”. I was expecting this to be cheap considering other items I’ve received, BUT much to my surprise, it’s pretty heavy and well done.



2.) The ” He’s WATCHing you” slap wrist watch

Cool minimal design. It can be a bit painful if you slap too hard, not that I would know.. I am an adult after all. Its fully functional and you can change out the batteries.


3.) The T-Shirt

The Silence of the Lambs theme shirt. The logo is a bit small for this particular shirt size. (2xl) However, the design on my size medium is perfect. Again, these WILL shrink, I’d recommend ordering a size up.


4.) Night of the Living Dead Magnets

These could be really fun, especially if you have someone to leave creepy notes for on the fridge. I think I’d write something like, ” They’re returning to drag you to hell, flesh in the fire, burn pretty boy”…. What would you say??  Leave your phrase in the comment section with your twitter name, and I’ll tweet the best ones!



5.) Rue Morgue Magazine #162

This magazine never disappoints!! Although this is an older issue, it’s great for collecting.


The whole loot……


Final Thoughts

This box was okay. The bobble head and magnets are my favorite items received. And the dog tags are my least favorite, in fact I’d like to call bullshit on that move. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why they included a $35 off coupon for hello fresh, but I’ll use it anyway. I did have trouble with shipping, AGAIN. So I’ve decided to cancel my membership. The shipping fiasco IS NOT worth the items in the box. I do have three more boxes coming so I will  post those as I receive them.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you once I receive April’s block!!!

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