Halloween III (1982) – Why you should give this movie a second chance


halloween_iii_poster_by_hartterHalloween III, also known as that Halloween movie without Michael Myers is basically the black sheep in its series. After the success of Halloween, who many cite as the first slasher movie, there followed a sequel, set right after the happenings of the first movie, starring the same people, concluding the same story.

Then came Halloween III: Season of the Witch, this time in the leading role as the final girl: Tom Atkins? That doesn’t sound right. So yes, this movie is a little different. What no one knew: Halloween was supposed to be an anthology horror series, with new horror stories set on Halloween. But to this day the audience hates this movie, just because there is no Michael Myers in it.


He is way hotter than any of the final girls!

What everyone ignores is that this is still a great movie. If this was released as Season of the Witch, it would have been harder to market maybe, but it would have been more successful.

It’s about Daniel Challis, a simple doctor who realizes that an evil toy manufacturer created masks that will kill all children wearing them on Halloween to fulfill a Celtic ritual. Will he be able to stop it in time? Or will we watch lots of children die a gruesome death?


Who wouldn’t want to look like a witch, a skeleton or a pumpkin?

If that description doesn’t scream fun horror film to you, I don’t know what will. Tom Atkins isn’t often the star of a movie, but he shines in this one. The story has some cool special effects, some good gore and believable acting. The story is unique, the characters are great, and most importantly, it has the best jingle ever. It is still stuck in my head.

So if you ever feel like watching a classic movie that is lots of fun and actually better than anyone thinks, maybe give Season of the Witch – A Halloween Story another try. And tell people about it. Thanks.


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