Funko Horror Mystery Minis Series 1 Review – Part 1


Most people are aware of Funko, as they are a huge collectables company and produce many different figures from all sorts of films, televisions shows, games and more. Most (if not all) of the figures are of high quality, and are a personal favourite of mine. I have collected a quite a few of their figures (not as many as other people, whose collections can be extremely impressive), especially their horror collections. One of my favourites is the Funko Horror Mystery Minis, which I’ve decided to review for anyone who might be interested in collecting them, but may be put off by the fact that these figures are un-viewable before the purchase.

To start off, a general review of the moulds and style of the figures. All of the horror mystery minis are produced in the same style, and one that I personally find very appealing. The style takes nothing away from the distinguishing features of each character, and instead highlights everything that makes the character who they are. The faces are simple but adorable, depicting large, white eyes (or in the case of those characters in masks; black) which are usually outlined in a darker colour. Each figure will also usually have an individual expression and pose, though some can be similar to each other. The figures are also very solid, and stand up well as well as just being generally sturdy to hold. There is no kind of articulation.

The paint jobs are also very good, another case of being simple yet effective, and gives a nice finish to them, almost a matte look. While typically being pretty accurate, their can occasionally be painting inaccuracies such as small blotches of paint that aren’t suppose to be there. These aren’t usually too bad, but can be a little bit disappointing. Luckily they aren’t anything too big (or at least none that I have encountered) and don’t take too much from the figures.

Each figure has a rarity scale on the box, and there is also a special blood splattered version of Leatherface, a scarred Chucky, and a glow in the dark Pennywise, which are rarer. I didn’t manage to find any of these myself, and so won’t be in the review.

Ghostface – Rarity 2/24

Funko Ghost FaceGhostface’s model is fairly simple. Due to him not having a very varying colour scheme, he is painted fully in black with his white face, and a silver hunting knife covered in blood. To make up for this lack of colour, however, his pose really captures the behaviour of the character in the films. He is holding his knife and reaching outwards while slightly hunched over, and his black robe also has included the various tatters and strips that hang from the sleeves and bottom rim. His ghost face is kept the same and not altered to fit the Funko mini mystery style, which was a good move on their half. Some people may find the figure to be too simple looking due to the lack of a variety of colour, but if you’re a large fan of Scream in particular I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this adorable little guy. I sure wasn’t.

Ash Williams – Rarity 2/24

Funko Ash
This figure is probably one of my favourites, and he definitely looks very awesome on display. There is a lot of detail put into this figure in order to achieve the likeness to Ash in the movie. Ash has got his iconic chainsaw hand, which looks great and has a good amount of detail, despite being painted rather simply. His shirt is ripped, displaying his right arm which has got blood splatters on it. His torso also has the harness from the film, which is connected to his boomstick on his back. One thing I noticed is that if you look really carefully at Ash’s gun, you can actually see the slightly markings of the wooden texture of the handle. This is an awesome tiny detail that shows just how much work was put into this figure. His pants, hoisted up by a visible belt, are also covered in blood, as well as his face which is held in a serious frown as though he is preparing to face down a deadite. His hair is well moulded also, and is tasseled and messy. One complaint could be made that Funko didn’t include the strip of white hair that he develops, but even so this figure is definitely one of the best in the series.

Hannibal Lecter – Rarity 2/24

Funko Hannibal

Another fairly simple figure, but one that is automatically recognizable. This one depicts Dr Lecter in his trademark straightjacket and mask, and does a good job at invoking this. The best part of the Hannibal Lecter figure is definitely the head, as this is where all the detail is. One such part being the buckles and straps that hold the mask (and straightjacket) in place. They are very carefully made, with clear distinction between the metal buckle and the leather straps, even going so far as to include the little flap that protrudes at the end of the buckle. The mask is also fairly well made and screen accurate. One problem on my figure, however, is the black paint to fill in the indents on the mask have missed their mark and are on the edge of it. While this is only on one side, it is still a bit disappointing. The hair is nicely textured and is swept back in the same style as in the film. The body is nice enough, and the posture of the figure with the straightjacket is very interesting, however the colours are slightly lacking. The straightjacket is a straight dull grey, and the pants a bright orange. There are some nice markings in the moulding to depict seams on the pants and the straps of the straightjacket as well as some folding of the cloth, but other than that, there is no further detail. The figure is still very pleasant, and I was glad they chose to include Hannibal Lecter in this set.

For the price, $12.00 AUD ($8.80 USD), I think these figures are worth the money. If you were to collect all 12 figures, you would be looking at paying around $144 AUD ($106 USD), which is something you would have to consider before going out to purchase them. Be warned that because of the fact that they are mystery boxes, you could end up purchasing doubles, which would bring up your total.

That’s it for part 1 of this review. In part 2 I will be reviewing the Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers Funko horror mystery minis.


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