Death Note (2017)


Death Note 


Director:  Adam Wingard 

Starring: Nat Wolff, Lakeith StanfieldMargaret Qualley  and  Willem Dafoe (voice of Ryuk)

Synopsis:  A high school boy possesses a notebook with the ability to take the lives of others by simply writing their name down inside of it. 

Holy Crap!! Yes, that is exactly what this movie is, CRAAAAAAP! We (fans) were warned the film adaptation would not follow the anime series but nothing could have prepared us for this “vision”. Lets start with the story line shall we. The main focus is a very sad and awkward romance between two teenage kids, Light and Mia. Instead of focusing on the dynamic between Light and Ryuk,we are forced to endure Mia’s psychotic nature which inevitably puts her at odds with Light. 

They tried to pack too much in a short amount of time. There is no character development aside from Mia’s psychotic escalation. Light and Mia talk to each other for about five minutes and are all of a sudden “in love”. Light is weak from start to finish, he has a false sense of control because he possesses the Death Note, which quickly leads to chaos. Ryuk was used A LOT for promoting the film, however, we saw him for maybe two minutes. Instead of a cool, level-headed, anonymous “L” the films delivers an on edge, skittish, “L” who for some reason is willing to come out of hiding early on, but don’t worry they cover his face, kind of…


The only thing going for this film was Ryuk and some gore. Ryuk looked pretty badass, would have been nice to see more of him. Second, the death scenes are pretty decent. If you like gore, you may get some satisfaction in this one. Also, there is some comedic relief, whether it was intentional or not who knows, but Light’s screaming is completely over the top and downright hilarious. 


Ultimately fans of the series will most likely hate the adaptation. This movie may have been okay as a stand alone but compared to the series it falls short. Like many others, I had high hopes but I very disappointed in this one. Click Here to See the Trailer

Hope you enjoyed this review, stay creepy my fiends!


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