Cult of Chucky is Coming!!!


CULT OF CHUCKY IS COMING!!!! Available tomorrow October 3rd, on DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital (Netflix) and On- Demand. 

‘Cult of Chucky’ follows up with Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) whom we met in ‘Curse of Chucky’.  For the last few years Nica has lived in an asylum, she is convinced Chucky isn’t real and that she is the one responsible for the death of her family. 

However, the good doctor introduces them to a good guy doll, in an attempt to help his patients overcome their trauma or fear, but instead sets off a series of murders, forcing Fiona to face the truth. Alex Vincent reprises his role as Andy Barclay, along with Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany. Brad Dourif also returns to the cult classic franchise as the iconic voice of Chucky. 

See official trailer below:


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