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Patrick Short

A horror fan since I was a little kid playing with weird toys and sneak-watching Jason and Freddy hack up teens, my tastes in macabre viewing range from psychological horror a la Hitchcock to new French Extremity flicks to the truly weird. There's always a reason to be afraid ...2 Articles

A. E. Moseley

I'm Anna. I'm far less mysterious than I would like to be, but I make up for it with my morbid streak. While I entered the horror scene later than most, I've always been interested in the genre. There's something beautiful that lurks within the darkness. Books are my thing, but honestly, if it's a good story, no matter the medium or age, I'll give it a go. I write dark speculative fiction with horror elements as A. E. Moseley. My stories are progressively getting deeper into horror territory. When I'm not writing, I'm probably reading, watching a TV show (probably about dead things), taking pictures, or making cookies.2 Articles

World of Horror

I'm quite an average horror fan. I'm a college writer and film junkie from Los Angeles with a taste for all things horror. I have high aspirations of becoming a film director and some day watch my own horror stories come to life on the big screen. I admire some of the genres finest directors and writers, such as Guillermo Del Toro, Stephen King, and Wes Craven. I believe horror is a wonderful genre & form of art, not only is it pleasantly amusing to watch on film but it is also a very creative and flexible genre to work with. There's no better way to express our inner darkness than to limn it as a vicious monster through any form of art. Just as Norman Bates once said " We all go a little mad sometimes." I believe we're all slightly deranged in some ways so why not let it out once in a while.. I'm sure you'll be just fine! For contact or updates on my work, find me on Instagram as 'J.ztr' or on the app Horror Amino as World Of Horror.2 Articles

Billie Miles

How's it shaking? I'm Billie, horror writer and artist, with a penchant for 80's slashers and werewolves.2 Articles

Joseph Morton

Born and raised among carnivorous werewolves in the vast Canadian tundra, Joseph knows a thing or two about horror. When his people came down from the hills to trade their furs, he decided to stay and attend college and university for journalism and communication studies, while writing short stories and novels and generally making his living through choice manipulations of the English language. Eventually, he'll figure out how to write a query letter that doesn't make an agent vomit in disgust. Until then, you can find him here, and on facebook, where he regularly holds court over the other denizens of the savage wilderness that is the internet.2 Articles

Tyler Turner

Deborah Adler


As my name suggests, I am a huge fan of the Alien franchise. I know… Alien falls into the “Sci-Fi” genre. This is a Horror based site, so what am I thinking, right? But you have to admit, Alien is one of the scariest movies ever made. I feel like there are plenty of movies out there that bridge the gap between Horror and Sci-Fi, and those are my favorite. But don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy a good slasher or haunting like any other fan of the best genre out there… HORROR!1 Articles


My name is Cody but I go by Zombdean. I'm 21 years old and live in Ohio. I have always been a huge fan of the horror genre. My favorite movie would be Halloween. My first horror movie was Halloween 5. I love the bands Type O Negative and Danzig! When I'm not watching horror movies I'm either doing taxidermy or creating something.1 Articles

Jerry Smith

An active film journalist and film critic in the horror community for years, Smith began his writing career as the then newly appointed Editor in Chief of the long-running site, Icons of Fright, a role he held for five years, until 2016. Also a contributing writer/critic for Fangoria Magazine for some time, Smith refuses to slow down, adding contributing writer positions for,, F! This Movie, Dark Comedy Productions and more recently, Delirium and HorrorHound Magazines. To say the guy likes to slow down would be a lie, a lie worthy of either getting your ass kicked due to ignorance or high fives, due to having a good sense of humor. Also a writer/director himself, Smith directed LOVE IS DEAD, a short film about a very fractured relationship. The film starred Adult Film Stars Joanna Angel, Aaron Thompson and INSIDIOUS star Ruben Pla and can be seen here .1 Articles

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