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I am Cerberus, the News Hound of Hell! I scour the underworld looking for news, reviews, articles, and other dark information related to Horror! Even though I am an immortal Hell Hound I am still not perfect. I will make every attempt to credit the original author and provide links to the info I'm posting about. If you find something I've posted that belongs to you and you want it removed or something has been incorrectly credited, please let me know, so I may either remove or fix the material in question. Now throw me a bone...preferably a human femur!94 Articles

Gravedigger Glen

I started watching horror movies when I was around 8 or so, mainly tamer flicks like the Universal Monsters and others from the b&w era. The first more modern movies (at the time) I watched were Evil Dead and Friday the 13th part 6, and from then on my love of horror grew and has never been quenched. I hope to one day have some of my own horror story ideas published, but until then I will be informing you on what is good and what is crap out there in the horror genre.59 Articles

Morbid Mommy

I have been a horror fan for the greater part of my life. I grew up watching motion pictures like Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Childs Play, Leprechaun, and Nightmare on Elm St. I find the film making process to be absolutely fascinating. It would be a dream come true to be in a horror movie but I can’t act to save my life (pun intended). My hobbies include writing movie reviews and practicing special effects make up.53 Articles


Horror fan from Southern California. Paranormal Payaso. Sexy Beast. Phantom of the Awesome. Wearer of Masks. Eater of Peanut Butter Cups. I dig horror of all kinds. Classic, Modern, Big Budget, Independent, Foreign, Found Footage, or Remakes, I give them all a shot. Bring it.17 Articles

Daniel Edenfield

Daniel is a composer, writer, director, voice actor, and anything else that needs doing in a DIY project. Currently he helms two main musical projects - The Night Keep (Cinematic Horror Music) and Throne Of Anguish (Symphonic Death Metal). When he is not making music or writing about making music, Daniel hosts The Night Keep Podcast, where he talks with other independent creators in the horror industry. Any remaining time Daniel may have is spent reading and playing retro games. Chat with Daniel on Twitter - @TheNightKeep15 Articles


When I was a kid, I once watched a horror movie with a chair placed in front me so I could quickly duck behind it if it became too scary. How I long for those days...9 Articles


My horror knowledge goes from big mainstream movies like Insidious or the Conjuring to the Universal classics, over Trash horror movies like the Troma movies up to the more Arthouse movies like some of Ingmar Bergman's work or movies like The Skin I live in. And I enjoy them all. I haven't seen all great horror movies yet, but I'm working on it.9 Articles

Justin Arena

Since growing up on a cable-deprived street, I constantly found myself at the local video store. The cover art drew me in, especially the horror films. I think it was my mom showing my siblings and I THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, then stopping the video immediately after the death of Franklin and saying, "Time for bed..." I didn't sleep and an obsession was born. Hopefully you read and enjoy my work. I love feedback on everything and anything. Follow me on Twitter @ArenaBrothers, follow @NightmareNews for everything horror. Sleep well.3 Articles

M. Belosh

Watched my first horror movie when I was 7. It's been an ongoing love fest since then.3 Articles

Joseph Morton

Born and raised among carnivorous werewolves in the vast Canadian tundra, Joseph knows a thing or two about horror. When his people came down from the hills to trade their furs, he decided to stay and attend college and university for journalism and communication studies, while writing short stories and novels and generally making his living through choice manipulations of the English language. Eventually, he'll figure out how to write a query letter that doesn't make an agent vomit in disgust. Until then, you can find him here, and on facebook, where he regularly holds court over the other denizens of the savage wilderness that is the internet.2 Articles

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