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Gravedigger Glen

I started watching horror movies when I was around 8 or so, mainly tamer flicks like the Universal Monsters and others from the b&w era. The first more modern movies (at the time) I watched were Evil Dead and Friday the 13th part 6, and from then on my love of horror grew and has never been quenched. I hope to one day have some of my own horror story ideas published, but until then I will be informing you on what is good and what is crap out there in the horror genre.

Movies 4.5

Exhumed (2011)

Starring Debbie Rochon, Sarah Nicklin, Michael Thurber Directed by Richard Griffin For today’s review I’m…

Movies 4.0

Coyote (2013)

Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Victoria Mullen Directed by Trevor Juenger Bill Oberst Jr. plays Bill,…

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