An Interview With An Exorcist


Interview With An Exorcist

During the summer of 2016, I planned a trip to Michoacan, Mexico. Earlier that year I released to the public a concept for a series of books I had in mind. The concept was released on an app called Horror Amino which serves as a social media app exclusively to horror fans across the world. The concept gives the audience an idea of what my books will be about. The main purpose of the books is to collect a series of original horror content from across the world. Each book would represent a continent and each chapter would represent a country. Each book will have hundreds of horror stories I have picked up throughout the world. These horror stories can vary from personal experiences like paranormal encounters to legends that have been carried on for years. While I made way for Mexico I came across the idea to interview an exorcist and write all about it.

Latin America & The Catholic Religion

The Latin American culture can get to be very religious and depending on which areas you may visit the culture and religion are much stronger than others. As a Mexican-American, I have always been exposed to the Mexican culture. From personal experience, horror movies and books aren’t as scary as the tales you may hear about from a neighbor or grandparent in Mexico. The stories they tell are unique and creepy yet intriguing. The fact people from a very religious culture and beliefs tell these stories to make it even scarier because you know it is something they wouldn’t make up or lie about. Throughout the culture, it is also very common to hear about the devil and demons and it is drilled into the children of religious parents so they fear this in every aspect. “Don’t lie because the devil will take you!’ In many occasions, it is typical for a parent to use demons or the devil to scare children into behaving. Apart from the culture itself, Mexico’s history with religion dates back to the times the Spanish conquered Mexico and attempted to influence Catholicism into the natives. Since then, the religion has held a very strong presence throughout Mexico and as they say in Mexico, “Donde hay bien tambien hay mal.”. “where there is good, there is also bad.” The Catholic religion has a long history which dates back to before the times they conquered Mexico’s beliefs. Throughout the Catholic religion, there has been a strong history of the controversies and evil that has occurred within the religion. A most common belief of evil from within the catholic religion is the belief in demons and exorcisms. There are countless rumors which say that Catholics in the Vatican school priests to prepare and perform exorcisms when necessary. It is said that priests from across the world to visit the Vatican and learn these skills and perform them in their towns. Amongst these rumors, it is also told that priest must read different passages from different bibles as well as learn Latin and other ancient languages. All of this is part of a rumor which has been carried on for years, whether it is true or not, that’s for us to find out. Although demons and exorcisms are one of few things that really terrify me I decided I should find out for myself whether it was true or not. The capital of Michoacan is a major city in Mexico and perhaps one of the oldest which dates back to about 500 years ago. The capital, Morelia, is known for its beautiful and enormous cathedral which sits in the middle of the city. Morelia has many other cathedrals throughout the city which date back to 1744. Its strong history with the religion made it an ideal place for me to begin with the concept of my books and the terrifying interview I had in mind for them.

The Experience

As I mentioned in my article in Horror Amino I was not able to get a physical interview with the exorcist during my time in Mexico. It wasn’t until my return in Los Angeles that I finally managed to get the interview. Back in Mexico, I knew I would have trouble finding an exorcist simply because it is something that is considered dark and occult which meant the majority of the people wouldn’t talk about it because they feel it is wrong or an act of the devil. I asked family and friends for any reference which may lead me to an exorcist but I never got a response I was looking for. Somewhere around the time I nearly gave up my search I received news that someone knew of a priest who practices rituals and exorcisms. Sadly the priest was not available at a time I was able to manage a steady date to host the interview and before I knew it I was on a plane back to Los Angeles without my main story. During my stay in Mexico I came across countless stories for my books and a few experiences of my own but of course, that’s something to leave for the books!

The Interview

A few weeks after my return to LA I was telling the story of my failed expedition for horror in Mexico to some members of Horror Amino. While I was telling my story an individual from Mexico told me he knew of someone that can be ideal for my interview. Although it wasn’t the exact way I wanted to go through with the interview I agreed to do it through an online chat. The exorcist lived in Mexico but he was born in Argentina. He lived most of his life practicing rituals and dealing with spirits and it wasn’t until his adult life that he finally got around to deal first hand with exorcisms. The man has had an extensive line of work with the catholic church as well. The Exorcist has asked for his name to remain anonymous. Throughout the interview, he will be referred to as “Exo”. He is not a priest with the church, he is a man who has experience with the paranormal world and has performed various exorcisms.

World Of Horror: How long have you been doing this type of work for?

Exo: I started to play around with it and get into the world of the paranormal at around the age of 12. I began to do it for work at around the age of 17.

World Of Horror: Have you ever worked with the church?

Exo: Although the church in my city doesn’t want to acknowledge it, the truth is that yes I have worked with the church on different occasions in the past.

World Of Horror: Are you able to share with us a bit about your experience or work you have done with the church?

Exo: I never liked to work with the church simply because you’re the one who dirties your hands and does all the dangerous work meanwhile the church priests wait around to claim the credit for it.

World Of Horror: Considering the fact you do a lot of work around the paranormal world, what can you tell me about exorcisms based on your experience?

Exo: I never worked any exorcism alone, I always had my cousin around. He was a missionary who had studied demonology in the past. He has helped me a lot. His knowledge with demons helped me recognize them a lot faster. Prayers, holy water, holy oil, and a cross were important to have for an exorcism. The cross was to come from a church and it was blessed by 7 different churches.

World Of Horror: What was one of your worst cases?

Exo: My worst case was my last exorcism. Apart from having to work with the church, the demons whom possessed the man were demons of hierarchy. That wasn’t all, though… The man was tall and bulky, it was extremely hard to keep him still. I kept getting hurt as he threw punches and tried to resist from everything. This exorcism really drained me physically, emotionally, and mentally. In fact, after the exorcism, I spent 2 days trying to recover from the exorcism. The exorcism lasted about 7 hours.

World Of Horror: Supposing you have seen any movie about exorcisms, what can you say about your own experience with exorcisms? Do the movies keep it close to the truth?

Exo: Obviously no but it in some forms they do. I’ve never met a possessed person who can rotate their head completely. Another thing movies fail to include is the fact that it’s never only two people trying to perform an exorcism. It’s a whole team of us and way more than two. And there is drama but not compared to the drama movies show.

World Of Horror: At any moment has a demon known things about you that they shouldn’t know? For example, in movies, demons know your deepest and darkest secrets. Is this possible? What are some common characteristics of a demon? Since you also call out spirits from the spiritual world, what would be some occasions in which you do this?

Exo: yes that is true, on occasions when I have worked with the church demons have insulted me by saying I don’t have the authority to perform the exorcism. They’d accuse me of being a sinner. At this moment a minister would step up and defend me. A characteristic I can pick out would be their incredible intelligence. They are some fuckers who have a very serious case of intelligence. There’s never really one demon that possesses one person, it is usually more from what I’ve seen. They know about value and they know what they’re doing and will do what they can to achieve it. In other words, they’re very ambitious. I don’t summon a spirit unless someone asks me to out of a favor. Some do it for words and some do it for answers.

World Of Horror: Is it true demons can change their voices to whatever they please?

Exo: Yes they are able to do that without any problem.

World Of Horror: Are demons and spirits able to appear in any form they desire? If so what is a common form of appearance?

Exo: Yes they are able to appear in any form they want. They normally take the form of a good friend or relative or any loved one. They are also able to appear as animals. They do this to appear friendly and gain your confidence.

World Of Horror: Is it true demons have attempted to manipulate you by sexual desire or sexual actions?

Exo: oh yes, it’s very strange. It has happened to me once. The demon tried to make me vulnerable to sexual actions.

World Of Horror: During a possession, do the victims suffer bad injuries or physical changes?

Exo: Yes, but this is only possible when the possession lasts long. The demon has caused people to scratch themselves violently and turns the eyes of his victim inward. He has also caused them to spit out blood. The color of eyes and hair do not change.

World Of Horror: What do you think of the history of the catholic church and demons and exorcisms? We all know they’re pretty occult about it and have tried to hide it in the past.

Exo: I’ll be honest but keep it short. I don’t agree or like the religion or the church. Their methods are unethical sometimes. If you were to see what they do it’s sick sometimes. Believe it or not. The church still performs human sacrifices till this day. That was enough to turn me away from my beliefs.

World Of Horror: Is it possible for a demon to go from one person to another? What happens if a demon were to completely take over someone?

Exo: It results in their death and the spirit is sent to hell. The demon receives a sense of prestige for bringing a spirit into hell. And yes it is very possible. One of the highest and strongest demons is Beelzebub. And It happens about 80% of the time in which a demon goes onto someone else.

World Of Horror: How does a demon choose its victim?

Exo: They choose people who are weak as a majority. If they feel the person can be easy to break, they go for it.

World Of Horror: Is it important to know Latin in your line of work?

Exo: Not necessarily but it’d help.

World Of Horror: has this line of work taken any big hit to your life?

Exo: Yes it has, people usually give me the cold shoulder because they believe I work with the devil. In the past, my home has had curses set onto it.

World Of Horror: Have you worked with witchcraft or witches in the past?

Exo: No and I never will for a simple reason: I don’t trust them.

World Of Horror: Well I think that is all. Thank you for visiting us here at Horror Amino and Nightmare News, and thank you for your time and words.

Exo: It was a pleasure for me, for you to have me here. I should be back once or twice a month to tell my stories.


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